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Android Antivirus Reviews 2020

It’s very important for Android owners to use antivirus apps, as there’s a great risk to face some issues, including malware, hijacking, data loss, etc. Thanks to the developers of security solutions there are many effective tools to avoid problems. Let’s look at the Android antivirus reviews 2020 in order to choose the best solution for protection.

What are the best antivirus apps for Android users?

All antivirus products, introduced in this article, are rated based on their main features, usability offers, extra tools, reliability, etc.

To evaluate the level of protection the apps can offer, data from AV-Test were used. This German lab tests the most popular security solutions for their ability to find zero-day threats and other malware. To get more exact results the Geekbench 4 app was also used. It helps to check the impact these solutions have on the system performance.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

One of the best antivirus applications for Android, based on different tests, is Bitdefender. This solution can protect users with almost flawless protection against malware, it also offers with a wide range of extra useful options, including VPN, a blocker for dangerous websites, robust privacy-protection instruments, app locker, Wi-Fi scanner, and many other.

This product allows a 14-day trial period – those, who will choose to use it with advanced features in the future should make a payment ($15 per year).

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

This solution offers almost perfect protection against malware, a great call blocker, and lots of other useful functions. It should be noted, that Kaspersky provides users with a free version and no ads there. For users of free version the following options are available: call filtering, anti-theft options, Android Wear support, etc. However, users have to scan every manually.

Those who choose paid plans get automatic scans of new applications, an app lock, and a tool for blocking phishing websites. The Premium version costs $20 per year.

Norton Mobile Security

This product offers the best protection against malware of any of the tested applications. It costs $30 per year and there is no free version. It costs a bit more than some other products and it’s lacking several options, including a locker for individual applications.

The only benefit that can justify the extra cost is a tool, called App Advisor. It allows users to check installed applications for critical data usage. It also alarms about suspicious actions. App Advisor offers to check the applications from Google Play before usage. This solution offers flawless malware detection, but there are not any more anti-theft services.

Avast Mobile Security

This product is one of the most multi-faceted tools for Android users to get a high level of protection. Probably, users can get everything with Avast, including a privacy adviser, system optimization, customization.

It’s true that this solution offers good malware protection, but there are not anti-theft options and call-blocking function at all in a free version. It offers a free version and two premium packages. The free one suggests ads and nags to upgrade the app, it can be somewhat annoying for users.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee provides users with lots of free useful tools, but a free version can be annoying because of ads. With a free version, users can benefit from anti-theft options, a Wi-Fi security scanner, the possibility to check each app’s data usage. With the “Standard” ($30 per year) users get access to an app locker, an  URL screener. It also eliminates all ads and provides with 24/7 tech support. With the “Plus,” ($80 per year) users get all offers from “Standard” and unlimited VPN access.