Is ScanGuard a Scam?

What is ScanGuard? According to its proud creators, this is the best antivirus and customization tool on the market. It should have industry-leading features. For example, the program works as an antivirus, therefore it detects malware. It is also claimed that it frees your memory from duplicate files and other content that takes up unnecessary space. Add to this some other features of the ScanGuard security program. Even surprisingly, this application is offered for free, but we doubt that such a supposedly useful program can be offered for free.

Based on experience and feedback

As practice shows, ScanGuard is not a serious tool. Many users have tried the functions of this utility and report that the program works only after they deposit and provide access data to an email address. They also reported that the security tool displayed the false positives of malware and constantly tried to convince users to purchase another program or the full version of ScanGuard. This is not the first time that we are dealing with such a program. Various organizers and fake utilities, such as PCBooster, are always in circulation and try to convince users that they are necessary.

In fact, ScanGuard seduces people into posing as a serious security product, but this is just a scam, and we strongly recommend that you download and install this program of more proven quality.

Why is ScanGuard a scam?

Although this is a fraud, this program has not been assigned to this category from the very beginning. Experts needed time and user feedback to decide whether ScanGuard was legal or questionable. However, this process did not take too much time, as the Internet is flooded with negative reviews from previous users who fell into the trap of downloading this program. Many reports that they voluntarily installed the app, because the functions sounded good. However, users quickly realized that this security tool is free at first glance: as soon as you use it and try out its features, you are constantly asked to download the full version to continue. Thus, the utility has all the features of a scam program:

  • luring the user to download it
  • imposes a premium subscription
  • gives false alarms and system errors
  • slows down the computer
  • requests personal data

In addition, ScanGuard displays extremely exaggerated scan results, pretending that the system is infected with thousands of viruses. One of the users who tried this tool described their experience in this area very clearly. According to his or her story, ScanGuard displays warnings about malware that was not on the device at the time. To support his theory, the user cleaned his computer of all potential dangers and then launched a security scan using ScanGuard. Somehow, the application still managed to detect a group of viruses that allegedly got into the system. This deception is very popular with fraudulent security tools. They rely on a mixture of fear and intimidation to achieve their goals. If a person is convinced that his computer is infected with thousands of viruses, he can buy the full version of ScanGuard. Without a doubt, we assume that the expensive version is as useless as the free one.