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Your Guide: How to Choose Free Kodi VPN?

In the current digital world not only media sources are fighting for the client, the battle on the programming and application level is also tough. Even a media player should be a universal software that should work properly on a great variety of devices and be ready for further development. Despite the fact that this app is costless, one has to use free Kodi VPN service to be confident in the full safety and unlimited opportunities.

Why the user needs a VPN for Kodi?

As Kodi is an open-source application, its programming code is open to programmers which can improve or change some functions of the program. In the case of Kodi, it led to a great variety of addons that usually used to improve some functions or expand the functionality of the software. However, such an advantage opens possibilities for cheaters as program add-ons can contain viruses or spying capabilities. As Kodi is a rather popular software and its usage spread all over the world, it becomes the target for swindlers by default.

The usage of a VPN (a virtual private network) for Kodi allows protecting personal data that can be stolen by deceivers. Every VPN is like a security group, which has a few block posts that not allow the information to transfer freely from the user into the internet. The traditional procedure includes encryption of protocols and additional authentication methods which allow hiding the real information about the user to other members of the internet community. In terms of harmful addons that may be part of Kodi software, VPNs help to transform important information that loses all its useful sense. Additionally, virtual private networks allow overcoming of geo-restrictions, which can differentiate propositions related to providers that use Kodi for diverse translations.

May I use any VPN?

Both a short and full answer is definitely “no”. Firstly, not all VPNs are compatible with a program level with Kodi and can provide a full range of protection related to the dangers of using the regarded software. Secondly, many free Kodi VPNs are only presenting this media player as the compatible app while will collect your data for personal purposes in exchange for costless usage. Lastly, even reliable free Kodi VPN services present diverse conditions and you have to explore them carefully before signing and installing.

*Note: Read terms and conditions twice before using a free VPN for your Kodi application!

Review of the best free Kodi VPNs

The list of free VPN services that are fully compatible with Kodi is presented below. It is based only on reliable services. However, other elements and restrictions that are common to free VNPs will define the position of the app. At the same time, all the protectors have a paid version which improves opportunities that can significantly change the overall rating if chosen.

  1. TunnelBear is one of the most well-known VPNs that allow using Kodi but have tough restrictions of traffic per month. 500 Mb per month is not enough at all but one can easily use it in the demo regime and appraise the overall functionality for a possible future paid version.
  2. safety app will give the user slightly more traffic per month (up to 2Gb) but it could be enough to test Kodi without any fear. However, a speed limitation of 3 Mb/s could become a challenge even for a trial period as not all high-quality video will be available.
  3. Windscribe looks much better even in its free variant as gives their clients a good speed and 10 Gb of monthly traffic. However, a potential user should check the compatibility of this protection app in his country as only 11 countries available for a costless version.
  4. ZenMate is one more popular service that presents quite another approach of convincing seekers of free Kodi VPN. Even though they provide not a full range of protection (but still enough to feel safe), they give unlimited traffic on admissible speed, which is an interesting proposition for potential clients.
  5. Proton safety app was designed in Switzerland, but not only its perfect reliability makes it a leader of this list. Appropriate speed and unlimited traffic even in the free version will allow enjoying Kodi, but one should test personal addons in terms of geo-restrictions as only three countries are available for choosing.

And remember that all those free Kodi VPNs have paid versions that will allow using your favorite media app in all possible conditions!